Transport occupies a place just as important in the set of steps related to your project. From packaging to handling, Optima will take all the necessary measures to ensure the delivery of a first quality product to its destination. Completely integrated with our management system, the transport interface allows us to determine, right from the start, all of the details related to the delivery of your project. By having these details at our disposal, right from the beginning of production, we can adequately prepare all the documentation and begin the planning so that your projects will reach their destination in a timely manner.


Our local transport team performs the majority of the deliveries in the regions of Ottawa, Kingston, Gatineau and Montreal. Highly qualified and very well coordinated, this dedicated team is ready to offer you a courteous and timely service.


Our alliances with national carriers allow us to count on a very wide distribution network from the East Coast to the West Coast of Canada and at the scale of the United States. To ensure a 24-hour service, Optima counts on transportation experts carefully selected for their attention to the handling of all our projects as well as for their speed of execution.


With the support of specialists in customs and in international transport, Optima will be able to take care of all the steps related to your project and can guarantee the delivery of your project overseas. Our team of transport coordinators will allow you to track your project to its destination.