Our department of carpentry, joinery and custom-made manufacturing is made of a team of seasoned workers with more than 25 years of experience in wood processing, furniture manufacturing and wood or metal modules assembly. Whether it is for the manufacturing of a single exhibit piece, the assembly of all the furniture of your commercial space, custom-made pieces or even a complete museum exhibit, the Optima team will take care of your whole carpentry project in its own facilities. From the preparation of the project through the cutting, the paint, the assembly and the installation, Optima controls all stages with the greatest care. We guarantee the manufacturing and delivery of a product of the highest quality, and this at the most competitive price on the market.


With a strong experience in the wood processing industry, the Optima team has extensive knowledge and expertise in the transformation of this material. Member of the network of Outaouais Forestry Sector (Réseau des entreprises du secteur du bois de l’Outaouais (RESBO)), Optima is recognized as a supplier who excels in quality and in customer service and who respects the tightest deadlines.


By having, right in its facilities, experts in the assembly and processing of steel parts, Optima ensures the control, at any time, of the projects assigned. Whether it is for elements of signage, outdoor display or even for complex parts integrated in museum exhibits, Optima transforms and assembles them in its workshops, thus ensuring a quality manufacturing in the shortest possible time.

Digital Cutting

With the help of precision cutting tools, the Optima team is able to produce a large number of identical parts in a multitude of materials. With a digital cutting table (Router CNC), our team ensures a precise assembly for all projects assigned to them. Combining an experienced workforce with computer-aided engineering tools, you can count on a very high quality manufacturing executed in a timely fashion at the best prices of the market.

3D Letters & Logos

Corporate wall signs are among the most effective of all types of corporate signs, and we offer a number of ways to incorporate dimensional logos into your wall signs, including: acrylic lettering, ultra board foam and brushed aluminium panel for logos and lettering.