For Optima, the installation is just as critical a step as all the others in the realization of your project. Outside of our well-controlled environment, the installation is subject to many variables and many risks. An installation project must be well-planned and well-executed. Our specialists are familiar with anchoring, bolting, strapping and leveling systems. Prepared and equipped for any circumstances, our field team is highly trained and deeply experienced to ensure a fast and secure completion of the installation. In suspended scaffoldings or on a ladder, in a museum or on an event field, the installers provide the continuity of our philosophy and the guarantee of our quality.


From shopping centres to rooftops and from light-emitting diode (LED) signs to banners we strive at installing at any location. Our experienced team uses modern equipment and technology to overcome any challenges we may face during the installation process.


The utmost detailed-oriented team is selected to complete the installation of exhibit projects throughout Canada, the United States and the world. These highly qualified team members have many years of experience and ensure the most effective coordination, assembly, management and problem-resolution in any installation project. You can trust our many years of experience and can expect and receive exceptional work done with precision and speed.


Optima has a very experienced team who has specialized in event coordination, structures and displays installation for more than 25 years. With dozens of events each year, you can count on the Optima team to ensure that all the elements of your event will be delivered, built and installed. Rain or shine, we are on-site to ensure that everything will start as planned.


With a rapid and effective coordination team who works at all hours of the day, you can count on Optima to see to that your promotional display is installed at the right time in the right place. Floor, wall or interior graphics displays, we are your partner of choice. We will guarantee that all the elements required during your promotional campaign are onsite, in time.


With a team who was rigorously trained by the leaders in the industry, our experts in vehicle makeup have mastered the art of the application of vinyl. Chosen by public transportation services, our team demonstrated an impressive accuracy and unparalleled rapidity of execution in all projects. Buses, cars, boats, trailers, trucks and more have been touched by the skilled hands of our specialists. Rest assured that we have the best team to achieve your makeup vinyl decal stickers. Satisfaction guaranteed!

International Network

With many years of experience, a highly trained and specialized team, Optima is proud to support you and to coordinate your projects throughout Canada, the United States and the world. Having at its disposal a network of outstanding specialists corresponding to the values of quality and reliability of Optima, you can be assured of a manufacturing, coordination, installation and turnkey service that will exceed your expectations.