No matter the size or the type of fabrication, the Optima team spares no effort to ensure a transformation, and a finished product of the highest quality. By recognizing that each product is unique and that each requires attention, all the members of the finishing team work with confidence and accuracy. From cutting to laminating, from sewing to adding reinforcement rings, from assembly to painting, all the projects are entrusted to masters in each of the sectors of the finishing stage. Their experience and competence are unmatched, their tools are the most precise and strictness is implemented in all operations. Your project is the most important and its quality will be without compromise.


The workspaces that maximize the performance and quality ensure an unparalleled manufacturing of any project. Trained in the industry and by members of our team for several years, the assembly staff has been a part of our team for several years and is proud to invest and contribute to the quality of all the projects.


With cutting-edge equipment and the best laminating products, our specialists know how to transform your project with precision. Our expertise during each phase of the project gives you the selection of the best products for the application you need and guarantees you a quality and a superior durability compared to the standards of the industry.


Whether cutting is done manually or assisted by a computer, we cut and trim all the components of your project with the utmost precision.

Shape Cutting

Equipped with latest digital cutting technology, we make it available to our clients to make the first impressions count in the ever-changing graphics industry. Those looking for custom die cutting with no minimum quantity find digital die cutting to be the most cost effective, whether they are looking for small run labels or short run decals.