Over the past 25 years we have developed and participated in many projects, simple or very complex. From unique signage projects to vast projects of museum exhibits, as well as temporary displays or banners covering buildings, our design team has unparalleled experience and knowledge. From local projects to global ones, the members of our creative team are familiar with the highest standards and are given the best technologies to give life to ideas and content. Our designers are mindful and dependable collaborators who can bring new concepts and ideas as well as assist and tune in with the members of our clients’ teams. Trust a team of experts in the field, a team molded by the industry and who understands all the subtleties and complexities of the field.

Files edition

Trust our technical team to revise the graphic files that are submitted to us. These experts know what needs to be verified and make sure to carry out the relevant checks to ensure that your project is successful. If our team must make corrections, they will communicate with you right away.

Color management

With our expertise in photography, our team of experts has managed to establish an extremely precise practice of color management for the whole production. With a calibration of work environments and equipment, the Optima team ensures a more precise rendering of the colors in the light of the materials. In addition, the Optima team regularly collaborates and share knowledge with external design teams and their clients on the basics of color management. Contact us to make sure you will get the exact reproduction your project needs.

3-D rendering

Using the latest design technologies, our technical team is able to offer you 3-D renderings of your projects in order to ensure accuracy and allow for a better understanding and a better assessment in the space where the rendering will be installed. Very useful in the case of the manufacture of exhibit module or even in the development of the spaces, the 3-D renderings offer new perspectives which allow you to ensure the success and increase the impact of your project.

Technical drawings

Within the scope of our work, we often have to work in collaboration with the technical and engineering teams. In order to ensure the best understanding of what we have to offer, our technical specialists offer detailed full-scale drawings that will allow all the stakeholders to check the construction details and ensure a perfect understanding of the project without any single doubt.